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20200402-Message from Rabbi Minkin

We Shall Prevail: A Poem for Unprecedented Times We are living in a strange moment. Nothing we have ever experienced before.. Some of us have seen war. And pressed hard on the muddy floors of foxholes.. Some of us have faced illness. And watched the drip of IVs restore life in our veins.. Some of us have lost our life savings. And wondered if just enough will still be enough. To live our lives.. All of us have lost loved loves. And felt the finality of death sting our souls. But now we are in an unprecedented moment. Not some of us but all of us. Not a recitation, a Passover plague, Or a lesson about a 14th century catastrophe. With the Angel of Death leading rats. Through the streets of dying medieval cities. We are not in the Philadelphia of the Yellow Fever. Or the pandemic of 1918 during the First World War. Which viciously cut down young lives like a silent machine gun. With bullets forged from bacteria. We are living in a strange, unprecedented moment. Unfo